Time and timezone setting

1. Set time in EuroProt+ devices:
The primary time source in EuroProt+ devices are based on SNTP protocol as defined in IEC61850 standard. You can use IRIG-B or PPS, PPM pulses as an alternative. Moreover the time can be set using legacy protocols like IEC 60870-5-101/103/104 or DNP3.
If there are no time source at all you can set the device time manually. In your browser please click on the advanced -> status/log menu point. Scroll down to the timesync status and press "Set device time" button.

2. Timezone settings:
You can find the timezone settings under system settings. You can access them using local HMI or WEB interface.
Please set here GMT offset and select/deselect "Use DST" checkbox. If you have selected "Use DST" checkbox, please set all other DST related parameter.  If you have deselected it, please avoid them.

Please note: earlier firmware needs to be restarted to apply the timezone. From CDSP rev 768 restart not required.