About trip assignment

What is the way from the trip signal of a function block to any trip contact?

You can find here a short summary about this topic. For significantly more details please visit that link:

  1. The trip signal of any function block has to be connected to the Trip Logic function block (TRC94). This connection can be performed either in Logic editor of EuroCap, or in Fast equations. The logic editor is available and editable for any user who has "Master" authority. Fast equations are defined in factory, so these are fix connections, which can not be modified and seen at master level. Fast equations are executed truly faster (1 ms) than the equations implemented in Logic editor (<=4ms). These equations are used by Distance Protection, differential protections and instantaneous protections. These "hidden" connections are always represented in the Logic editor in form of a comment.

    The trip signals can cause phase selective or three phase trip through the trip logic. The opportunity of phase selective trip depends on the type of trip logic function block. Usually configurations for HV networks include phase selective trip logic.

  2. The output of the Trip logic function block(s) have to be assigned to any trip contact. This can be done by any user who has "Master" authority in Trip assignment part of EuroCap.